IN2LOG Invests in Future with LOG-NET, Inc.

Leading European Logistics Provider Selects LOG-NET

Supply Chain Technology Leader LOG-NET today announced that IN2LOG, a leading third party logistics provider for European Retailers, has selected the LOG-NET 7.0 cloud based global logistics and trade platform to help power their growth and enable their customers.

"Our existing solution had limited capabilities which resulted in more costs as our business continued to grow," said Nicolas Sepulchre de Condé, Head of Business Development with IN2LOG. "LOG-NET's solutions will help us improve our customer service as well as leverage our processes for future growth opportunities. LOG-NET's breadth of functionality and track record for successful deployment helps us to demonstrate our commitment to customers." IN2LOG is one of Europe's fastest growing logistics providers. Their specific focus on seamless integration of global retail operations and channel management are key parts to their success.

"On behalf of the LOG-NET Team, we are very excited about the opportunity to work with a fast growing Logistics Company like IN2LOG", said John Painter, V.P, Worldwide Sales, LOG-NET, Inc. "The IN2LOG Team was very clear on what their valued clients needed. Their customer focused approach to business was exceptional as they included their customers in their evaluation of our solution and the competitive alternatives." LOG-NET's ability to combine the power of the cloud with their proven ability to deploy continues to strengthen their position as the leading solution for global supply chains.

IN2LOG's first implementation of LOG-NET's 7.0 solution is schedule to take place in early July of this year.

About IN2LOG

Member of TTOM group, IN2LOG is now an actor offering services at the forefront of logistics services in China and all over South East Asia.IN2LOG is currently handling supply chain operations for well-known furniture retailers such as CAFOM group (HABITAT, and Direct Low Its objective, as a value added services provider, is to bring innovative solutions to its customers to help them optimize their operations and their costs. IN2LOG offers its expertise in transportation whether in Europe, Asia or West Indies. Its goal is to build genuine partnerships based on professionalism and trust, which make IN2LOG the ideal logistics partner for companies in the retailing industry with particular focus on decoration, home appliances and furniture. IN2LOG's methods and tools have been developed to meet the business needs of e-commerce and B2B distribution channels.

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