LOG-NET Sample Platform Deployment Options

Below are several LOG-NET module combinations that are typical for various types of users. This table does not represent all LOG-NET features. It is intended as a guide for potential users to evaluate the number and combination of features to activate in the LOG-NET platform. Most modules are standalone and can be mixed and matched to support an individual users needs.

LOG-NET Sample Deployment Features by Deployment Type
LOG-NET FeatureBasic ImporterBasic ExporterSingle Office ForwarderGlobal ForwarderLarge e-tail/retail Importer as 4PL
Job ManagementXXXX
Order ManagementXXXXX
ETA ForecastingXXXXX
Supplier IntegrationXX
Factory Carton LabelsXXX
Restricted/Denied Party ScreeningXXXX
Importer Security FilingXXX
Electronic Export Information FilingXXXX
Advanced Manifest System FilingXX
Carrier Event FeedXXXXX
Carrier Booking IntegrationXXXX
Carrier Shipping Instruction IntegrationXXXX
Dynamic Product AllocationXX
Transload ManagementXXX
Origin Forwarder IntegrationXXX
Destination Appointment and Delivery ManagementXXX
Import Customs Clearance InputXXXX
Standard ReportingXXXXX
Built-in Ad Hoc ReportingXXXXX
User Analytic DashboardsXXXXX
Warehouse ReceiptXX
Warehouse Pallet / Package LabelingXX
Warehouse RepackingXX
Origin Warehouse BookingXX
Supplier Order NegotiationX
Order Version ManagementX
Order e-mail NotificationsXXX
Service Management Buy and Sell PricingXXX
Supplier Cartonization OptimizationX
Advance Ship Notice (ASN) to ERP / WMSXXX
Advance Ship Notice (ASN) to Customs BrokerXX
Advance Ship Notice (ASN) to TransloaderXX
Transloader Outbound Shipping IntegrationXX
Sustainability CO2 Rating and TrackingXX
Customs Entry and Exam Feed from BrokerXXX
Routing OptimizationXX
Carrier Allocation ForecastsXX
Landed Cost ReportingXXX
Customer Site Pick-Up OrderXXXX
Customer Invoicing and StatementsXX
Arrival NoticesXX
Supplier Invoice and PaymentXX
Freight AuditXXXX
Integrated Document e-mailingXXXXX
Scanned Document UploadXXXXX
Freight Bid ManagementXX
Seasonal Program ManagementX
Shipment Pre-AlertXX
Pick and Pack ProcessingX
Mixed SKU per cartonX
Sub SKU detail (size, color, serial number, VIN, ...)X
Unlimited user defined fieldsXXXXX
User / Administrator configured reports, security, security profiles and user accountsXXXXX
Built in scheduled reportsXXXXX
Built in IATA, Motor and Ocean formsXXXXX
Multiple Currency SupportXXXXX
Automated priority rating and prioritizationXXX
Supplier, Vendor and Trading Partner Collaboration Security and IntegrationXXXXX
Department, SKU and Division ReportingXX
Factory Capacity ForecastingX
House and Master Management and DocumentationXX
Automated Co-loader and Agent SettlementXXX
Packing List and Commercial Invoice ProcessingXXX
Meat and Poultry CertificationsXXX
Envirotainer TrackingXXX
Ro-pack TrackingXXX
Temporary Import Bond SupportXX