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We are committed to helping you and your employees to effectively adopt, engage and leverage our powerful LOG-NET platform. Training courses can be arranged by LOG-NET account management or logistics analysis staff. Support for remote instructor-led, in person as well as computer-based sessions are available.

Course 1
Basic User Training
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  • Understanding and setting up users, a company, and reference information
  • Creating an order, booking, shipment, and container
  • Additional functionality such as customs entry, transload, split shipment, and extended container activity
Course 2
Intermediate User Training
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  • Setting up optional fields, sub-item detail, expanded order, approvals, and extended shipment activity
  • Functionality such as exceptions, milestones, user profiles, reports, and report configuration
Course 3
Factory Integration
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  • Setting up and understanding work in progress (WIP), order tracking, and factory activity update
  • Commercial invoice and advanced packing list and commercial invoice features
Course 4
Origin Operations
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  • Vendor booking, exceptions, prevent acts, alerts, and freight receipt
  • Advanced shipment management functionality such as overage and underage, container load plan, create manifest and order, feeders, and trans-shipment
  • Several advanced features settings
Course 5
Inbound Operations
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  • Product allocation
  • Auto print manifest
  • Transloading for destination distribution
  • Container equipment management
  • Equipment per diem management
  • Yard management
Course 6
Carrier Operations
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  • Carrier-related exceptions and prevent acts
  • Carrier booking
  • Bill of lading
  • Equipment control
  • Equipment per diem management
  • Yard management
Course 7
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  • Generate packing lists
  • Creating documents, including commercial invoice, forwarder’s cargo receipt, shipping instruction, bill of lading, proforma invoice, and form letter
  • Manual document generation
  • Document set creation and design for automated documents
  • Advanced autonomous Documentation
  • Receipt and transmission of documentation to trading partners
  • Automating Customs document set process
Course 8
System Admin
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  • Learn how to use the LOG-NET System Admin area, including setting up users, customers, restrictions, milestones, locations, and personal portals
  • Use admin-level reports and screens
Course 8A
Customer Maintenance
Details >
  • Focus on the System Admin/Customer Maintenance function
  • Covers each of the areas in detail, including properties, general, order, booking, shipment, container, documentation, customs, exceptions, reports, and system admin
Course 9
3PL Sales Training
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  • Overview of how to sell LOG-NET to the service provider’s customers, including company and product overview, features that sell at-a-glance, application demonstration setup, and competitive landscape and market analysis
  • Includes a sales toolkit with several sales presentations tailored to the target audience, a LOG-NET fact sheet, an ROI template, and demo scripts
Course 10
Forwarding and 4PL Operations
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  • Manage logistics operations as an electronic freight forwarder
  • Receive or create logistics quotes or service requirements
  • Managing pick-ups, consolidations and repacking
  • Integration of multi-party service rates and quotes
  • Automating rating, documentation and regulatory filings
  • Accounting processes, audit and pay
  • Warehouse operations, receipts, labeling and repacking
jet engine sky view Course 11
Advanced Forwarding and 4PL Operations
Details >
  • Next generation logistics processes
  • Carrier and provider electronic integration
  • Agent and co-loader integration and collaboration
  • Aggregate multi-party services as a service integrator
  • Scaling services from commodity-based movement to end-to-end multi-modal order management
  • Enabling seamless factory to consumer processing
  • Advanced logistics arbitrage techniques