11 January, 2022

Dollar Tree Stores Support Growth with LOG-NET

By Derek Traver

Web Developer

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“Dollar Tree Stores” they continuously innovates to reduce costs as their volume has tripled over the last several years. With a hyper focus on unit costs Dollar Tree still has to handle tremendous growth. More and more efficiency and automation was key to their success.


Implementing an integrated end-to-end supply chain platform would allow the same staff levels to perform throughout a major growth period. Linking domestic and international solutions would enable seamless and scalable flow through the entire supply chain.

  • Private Logistics Cloud Linkages:
  • Electronic Purchase Orders from ERP (ANSI X12 850 and 860)
  • Electronic Shipping Notices from Overseas Logistics Providers ANS X12 856 at Booking,
    Origin Receipt and Shipping)
  • Electronic Updates from Ocean Carriers (ANSI X12 315 Events and 310 Bill of Lading)
  • Domestic Load Tender and Events (ANSI X12 204 and 214)
  • Web portal and exception reporting for corporate logistics team
  • Web portal for distribution center planning and arrivals
  • Key exception reports for Merchandising community
the Results.
  • Volume growth from 8,000 Forty Foot Equivalent units to over 40,000 without a need to
    increase staff.
  • Corporate merchandise team integrated to the same data as logistics, a single version of
    the truth.
  • Automated Freight Audit improving accuracy and timeliness with the volume growth.
  • Addition of arrival planning and integration for warehouse appointments.
  • Year after year of record growth in earnings and revenues