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One of the 10 largest privately owned Freight Forwarders, Hong Kong based Scanwell Logistics wanted to expand their service capability with enterprise visibility and order management capability.

  • Multiple customer environment
  • Detail data needs of the customer
  • Integration with customer ERP and Warehouse system
  • Integration with customer carriers and warehouse facility
  • Need to track customer SKU level inventory for visibility
  • Requiring SKU, event and cost visibility
  • LOG-NET global end-to-end platform
  • Multi-customer built in
  • Ability to quickly configure multiple message formats for many ERPs and APIs
  • Standard procedures that support custom customer data elements
  • Quick and easy ability to add fields and create reports and analytics for customers
  • Extensive, best in class, out of the box reporting for customers.

Scanwell provides state of the art supply chain capability in todays demanding environment.

“There are only smart customers, and they require visibility and flexibility in their supply chain, LOG-NET delivers”