One Jeanswear

11 January, 2022

One Jeanswear maximizes digitization with LOG-NET

By Derek Traver

Web Developer

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Purveyor of some of the most iconic brands in the jeanswear space (Gloria Vanderbilt, Anne Klein Jeans, Nine West Jeans, Jessica Simpson, Vintage America, Frayed) One Jeanswear has highly automated their global supply chain network with LOG-NET.

  • Hundreds of supplier document formats
  • Limites production visibility
  • Large cumbersome packing lists
  • Slow and manual customs security filings
  • Limited visibility in to final DC
  • Limited global visibility​
  • Need to integrate bar coding of shipping cartons
  • Electronic distribution of purchase orders to factories and service providers.​
  • Automated packing list creation and processing.​
  • Automated commercial invoice creation and processing.
  • Payment integration with bank
  • Multiple global logistics provider integration and visibility
  • Carrier global visibility integration.
  • Transloader​ global visibility and integration.
  • Origin merchant and production visibility to production delays that would impact downstream seasons

One Jeanswear group maximizes the efficiency and visibility of their global supply chain with LOG-NET.