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Full Beauty Brands is a leading e-tailer of Plus Size apparel.  They looked to LOG-NET to integrate the faced paced changes to global factory orders.  They had a need to integrate international and domestic suppliers and coordinate packaging and labeling.  They also required integration with their origin logistics, carriers, transloaders and domestic transportation providers.


  • Combine Factory, Logistics and Distribution, visibility and control from Asia to US Distribution
  • Enable Bar coding at suppliers with SKU level visibility
  • Integration of transload facilities
  • Integration of small and mid sized US suppliers
  • Integration with a non-Standard ERP
  • Integration of Visibility across Production, Logistics and Merchandising
  • Standardized Carton and Bar Code Label Management and Visibility between factories, transloaders, domestic suppliers and distribution centers
  • Integration of 3PLs, Ocean Carriers and Motor Carriers.
  • Standardized reporting and visibility milestones in Production,
  • Integrated ERP and WMS

Using LOG-NET’s advanced supplier management and end-to-end platform Full Beauty achieved the integration, visibility and control they needed.

“It’s very rare that an IT company delivers so well on all their promises.”